About us

The company "Drewal" was established in 1987, originally it  was a family-owned company producing wooden slats and panelling. Currently, we are one of the largest and most modern production facilities and distribution in the area. We produce furniture for living room, kitchen, garden, playgrounds, garden sheds, doors, stairs, slats and panelling. We are specialized in all kinds of products made of solid wood.

To meet the client's needs, since its inception, we try to  expand  products  with new and modern  designs, introducing new technologies of wood processing and furniture manufacturing processes. Experience and competent group of our employees care about that every customer is satisfied with cooperation with our company.
Much attention is paid to the views and direct contact with the client so that we can in a short time  adapt to the customer's needs. Competitive price in connection with high quality, fast order fulfillment, professional service and customer satisfaction is our primary goal that we set for ourselves. A wide range of both furniture and wooden products made the company Drewal gained a recognized place in the country and abroad. 

Del Sol Furniture Line was founded thanks to the new technological possibility we have today. Modernized computer-controlled machinery creates many new possibilities in the production of modern furniture. Collection Del Sol combines the expectations of our customers and the world's latest trends in furniture design. It combines modernity with natural, traditional and most environmentally friendly material which is solid pine. Beauty, simplicity and excellent performance for durability for years, and at the same time attractive collection close  to the  nature is distinctive feature of Del Sol  furniture. This is another step in acquiring our company to recognize and meet the needs of our esteemed customers. 

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, thank you for the trust and satisfaction. We wish you satisfaction  from the use of our furniture. We are convinced that you will be pleased with the selection of our products and you will use them for many years.

Naturally, pine wood has been  used for furniture production for ages. The unique charm of solid wood furniture, and the nature of the raw material is wood that make a home feel closer to nature. Pine furniture are safe and environmentally friendly  so  our company proves that they can also be  very modern and durable.

Modern pine furniture are synonymous with centuries-old craft. We give them a new meaning, referring to the most modern trends in furniture design. We combine tradition with a diverse and attractive design. Our furniture fits in perfectly with a modern interior and at the same time are fully organic product of the XXI century.

Solidly - in the Drewal company  it is used selected wood of top quality, thoroughly dried in a modern computer-controlled dryers. Our furniture are made entirely of solid wood without imitating wood elements. Modern equipment is computer controlled and ensures accuracy and perfection dimensions. All of the  drawers of  Del Sol collection  are equipped with high quality self-closing  slide as well as  with aluminum handles. All the furniture  are double-covered semi-gloss colorless lacquer. However, colorful furniture are stained with appropriate stains before. 

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